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    Sentinel Powers:

    Throw (unlocked from start)

    Warp (unlocked by achieving Rank 2 of Throw)

    Tech Armor (Class Talent – unlocked from start)

    Overload (unlocked by achieving Rank 2 of Tech Armor)

    Cryo Blast (unlocked by achieving Rank 2 of Overload)

    Defender (Class Talent – unlocked from start)

    Trained in: Heavy Pistols, Submachine Guns, Heavy Weapons

    Power Descriptions:


    Throw has an insanely fast recharge time (3 seconds!) and is an invaluable asset when facing charging enemies.  Throw kills Husks in one hit, so when facing the Collectors, bring along someone who has this ability (if Shepard doesn’t).  Area Throw is the best choice when evolving this power.  The ability to kill an entire mob of husks in one hit and then fire off another throw at the next wave is incredibly satisfying and useful.


    Warp is one of the most useful biotic powers in the game.  It’s ability to tear through armor and barriers is unmatched and it simultaneously detonates any current biotic powers affecting any enemies (Reave, Singularity, Pull, etc…).  You will definitely want to map this power to either LB or RB because you will be using it often.  As with Overload, I prefer the wider radius to the concentrated power because the biotic upgrades found throughout the game make up for the damage lost.  An Area Warp is a deadly force indeed.

    Tech Armor

    Tech Armor transforms the Sentinel into an impregnable wall on the battlefield.  Shepard’s shields double in strength and when enemies deplete his shields, a force of energy knocks everyone else off their feet.  Power Armor provides a shield boost and increase to power damage, while Assault Armor increases the impact of the energy pulse itself.


    Overload has been upgraded since Mass Effect 1.  Now, this power destroys enemy shields, disables synthetic enemies, and even overheats weapons!  This is always a great power to have on your squad because shields are everywhere on enemy troops.  You eventually have the choice to create a more concentrated Overload or a wider radius for the impact itself.  Personally, I prefer Area Overload because you get tech upgrades throughout the game that make up for the decrease in concentrated power.

    Cryo Blast

    Cryo Blast is – sadly – one of the worst powers in the game.  It is ineffective unless the enemy’s shields/armor are down and by that point, you will probably kill them quicker than the time it will take to freeze them.  This power is useful for enemies that charge you – namely, Krogan, Varren, and Husks.  Otherwise, don’t plan on using this power as the game progresses and you attempt higher difficulties.


    When upgrading the Sentinel’s class skill, you are presented with two choices:  the Guardian specialization increases your total health and reduces your powers’ recharging times and the Raider specialization greatly increases the damage of you biotic and tech powers.  The Sentinel is a defensive role from the beginning, so either choice will work fine.

    Suggested Squad Members:

    Since the Sentinel specializes in taking hits and undermining enemy defenses, you will want to bring party members who can attack from afar and deal heavy damage.  Garrus is an excellent sniper and has the Concussive Shot ability for crowd control.  Miranda has similar powers to a Sentinel and her team bonuses never hurt either.  Samara is great with assault rifles, crowd control, and using her amazing ability, Reave, to incapacitate foes.  Zaeed (DLC) also gets a special mention for his high weapon damage output and the ability to switch from sniper rifles to assault rifles, depending on the situation.